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Cyclist Compensation - The Cycling Accident Claim Experts

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Thanks For Visiting Cyclist Compensation.com The Website That Gives It To You STRAIGHT

So, you’ve had an accident whilst riding your bicycle?

Whether it is your pushbike, bicycle, tandem, mountain bike, tricycle or a one wheeled unicycle, the procedure is the same as if you were driving a car or even if you were a pedestrian. Hopefully you’re not too badly injured, but you are thinking about whether or not to make a cycling accident claim for compensation for your injuries after your bicycle accident.

You shouldn’t have to think twice about making a cycling accident claim, contact Cyclist Compensation for free advice 0800 038 0753 to speak with a bicycle accident compensation advisor.

CLAIM ONLINE NOWClick Here To Send Your Claim Nowor call us now on 0800 038 0753

You may have been knocked off your pushbike by a car, a motorcycle, bus, lorry or even a milk float. You may even have been on a mountain bike course. The owners of a mountain bike course are still under a duty to you the same as the Highway Authorities are in the case of road accidents.

Cyclist CompensationYou may be badly injured after your cycling accident, slightly injured or simply shaken and not too badly injured at all. You may have been hit by another cyclist or a pedestrian. Whether on a car park, private property or a public road, you may still have a cycling accident claim for cyclist compensation. Even if the person at fault is not insured; don’t worry, you can still claim cycling accident compensation. Contact Cyclist Compensation.com today for free biker to biker advice.


There is a train of thought with some people that claiming bicycle accident compensation is demeaning. Remember: - That is what you pay your Insurance for. Insurers don’t think that way when they ask you for your annual or monthly insurance policy fees! Insurance is protection for those at fault and those not at fault. So use it.

“What do I do next?”

The answer is simple; you call Cyclist Compensation on 0800 038 0753 or make a cycling accident claim online now. Our advice is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE and we DO get your cycling compensation claim moving quickly if you decide to choose us to take your instructions.

“What if I want to wait before calling because I want to find out more?”

If you want to wait before making a cycling accident claim you can but visit our cyclist compensation FAQs section for more information on how long you have before you can bring make a cycling accident claim. Once you’ve finished reading, then perhaps you’d like to discuss your pushbike cycling accident first with family or friends. Remember; even the phone call for the free advice from cyclist compensation doesn’t place any obligation upon you!

“What do I do after my pushbike cycling accident?”

Again, the answer is simple call cyclist compensation today to get immediate answers to your bicycle accident or bike injury without any obligation whatsoever. Our highly trained cycling accident claim specialists who are legally trained and well experienced in winning cycling accident compensation. Remember even the phone call for the free advice doesn’t place any obligation upon you!

Still unsure about making a cycling accident claim? Read the different sections of our site and it will hopefully answer all your cycling claim questions. If not contact us at cyclist compensation.com - its no obligation and we'll be happy to help. 

CLAIM ONLINE NOWClick Here To Send Your Claim Nowor call us now on 0800 038 0753

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"Hi, once again I just have to say a big THANK YOU for handling my bike claim. I have been into the shop so they can get things started and I look forward to next season on my brand new bike."


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